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About Us

The American Business Communications Association (ABCA) was established in 1995 when many small and medium businesses were struggling with the ever changing and rapidly growing telephony market. Due to their size or market location, ABCA customers found the costs of gaining expanded communication services and instituting advancements in technology were not always cost effective. Through ABCA’s ability to interface with the providers of major communications services like Qwest Communications, ABCA assists all of it’s customers in receiving expanded and varied communication capabilities regardless of their size. ABCA customers receive pricing and discounts from our vendors that many customers have not experienced. ABCA prides itself on our personal service philosophy so none of our customers is lost in the ever-expanding sea of telephony and data technology. Each ABCA customer is dealt with as an individual and thereby realizes he or she is being provided with the best services available.

ABCA is not a reseller. There is no third party or special billing practices since all customers are billed directly by the vendor and deal directly with their support teams. Our affiliate vendor list includes names such as: Qwest, and Cordia Communications, Inc. If you already use one of these vendors, just let us know and we will review your current pricing against the current promotions. There are no phone numbers to change, just the benefit of securing some of the best prices in the industry for your business.